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Group Therapy

Group sessions can either be as therapy support sessions or in a Psycho- educational role.

Shared experiences or a similar presenting issue can be the first acknowledgement for an individual to feel that they are not alone. They can begin to be supported and feel hope. Something they may not have felt for a while.

Group therapy or support groups can be the foundation for individual therapy sessions to explore the issue in greater depth and security or for some the group may be the support network that they require. The therapist can either lead the groups or act as a facilitator depending on the presenting issue of the group and the requirements of the booking. In all sessions the individuals are free to engage at their own discretion and are not put under any obligation to participate in any group activity or discussions.

Psycho-educational groups can provide the members with the information and acknowledgement of specific issues of mental wellbeing. 

Groups of minimum six individuals with sessions lasting one to two hours depending on the requirements of the session booked. This can be discussed further at time of booking. All group therapy sessions are to be held off site in appropriate setting provided by the initiator.
Group Therapy - Susan Jane Therapy

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