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I just want to feel happy.

February 05, 2020

Are there times when you just want to feel happy.

You can't explain why you don't feel happy, you can't quite put your finger on it but it's just not there.

You question if it's the last thing you saw on tv or music you listened to, or is it the last time you saw someone and what was said?

It might not be any one specific thing but it's now creeping into everyday life.  You are starting to question things that were never there before.

That feeling of dread, coldness and darkness are descending. You know they are there but really don't want or need them in your life.

If you could just talk it through, but you don't want to burden friends who are busy and you don't them to feel you are just moaning and unhappy all the time. After all you are normally the life and soul, and the organiser of life.

You don't want to worry family, they have their own problems. You can't mention it at work as they'll start thinking you can't do your job properly. 

If you could just take that break from life and to be able to solely concentrate on you. 

No distractions, no judgements, no opinions, no 'I told you so' just you and all of your thoughts.

Time for you to think without worrying what the other person may think about what you say or feel. 

Somewhere comfortable, quiet, unpretentious and to be safe in the knowledge that no ones else needs to know I'm there or what I say. 

I can provide that safe breathing space and I can provide that unconditional listening.

If any of the above has touched you in any way please do get in touch for that initial chat. You've made the hardest step alreday by reading this and thinking about you.


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