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Not everyone likes Christmas time

November 19, 2019

Not everybody gets excited about Christmas time. 

Sure, some may like having the time off from work or not having to do the school run and the fact that everything goes on pause for several days. 

Not everyone will have happy childhood memories of Christmas and as a result will not associate with this time of year as being joyous. There may have been abuse or violence in the home, or they associate this time with memories of drinking and shouting, screaming and tears. Some may rather not have those memories dredged up each year.

Current anxieties over money, lack of time, disappointments, what family members do you have to endure this year or will I feel lonely, all questions that are real and all too painful for some.

Sometimes Christmas time is not all warmth and happiness, it may be full of fear, sadness and a sense of loss. 

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