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Parental Separation Anxiety

August 27, 2019

We are nearly at that time when parents say goodbye to their children.

Be that they are off to school for the first time or off to university to begin the next chapter of their lives as fledgling adult’s.

Parents may start to struggle with strong and sometimes overwhelming feelings in relation to the potential and real absence of their children. These feelings of anxiousness and sadness may present as low mood, anger or overthinking of the most catastrophic events.

However it may make you feel there are ways of managing some of these thoughts and emotions.

Parental separation anxiety has never been a hot topic of conversation. Parenting can be a sensitive subject – after all, who wants to be criticised on their parenting skills. But people are suffering because of this lack of dialogue. Coping alone with this anxiety can become incredibly overwhelming and isolating, and being a parent is exhausting enough, without feeling like you’re totally alone in the journey.

There are things you can do to help manage parental separation anxiety:

Recognise your feelings

Be aware of your feelings and understand why you feel this way. Don’t deny your emotions or dumb them down. 

Talk to other parents

They may be able to offer support and share their ideas on how they cope.

Plan something nice

Plan to do something that you wouldn’t normally do. This could be the opportunity to experience and learn something new about yourself.

However, if you are really stuck and feel unable to work through this alone, then maybe consider speaking to a professional to support you.



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