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The taboo of miscarriage

February 13, 2020

The emotional hurt, the physical pain, the sadness, the lost dreams, the heartache but can’t say anything.


The isolation, the loneliness, the dismissal, the worry, the questioning but mustn’t say anything.


1 in 4 women will experience a miscarriage.


Feeling shame and a sense of failure is sadly an all too common feeling, and these emotions are not easy to just explain away.


Miscarriage is grief just like any other. You have lost your baby as well as your hopes and dreams for that baby.


Many partners will also struggle to understand how best to support their partner who has suffered the miscarriage as they are grieving to.


Sharing your story can help with the feelings of grief, anxiety, pain, and to be put at ease knowing that all these feelings are normal.


As a counsellor I want to help break the taboo of miscarriage. By offering support to women who have experienced a miscarriage and want a safe space to talk about it. I am hoping to empower women to talk openly about their experiences, so they feel able to share what has happened to them and for other women to know that they are not alone.


Please do get in touch for an initial chat. As this is my area of interest and I want to break down the taboo of miscarriage I offer discounted rates specifically for this.


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